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明るい ☆☆☆★☆ ダーク
書籍種類: サプリメント リアル ☆☆☆★☆ ファンタジー
発行年月: 2021-10 直感的 ☆☆☆★☆ 頭脳的
所持する人: 4人 短時間 ☆☆☆★☆ 長時間
コメント数: 1件 初心者向け ☆☆☆★☆ 玄人向け
著者/編集:Michael Sayre, Mark Seifter
出版社:Paizo Pub Llc

Gear Up and Throw Down! When sword and spell justwon't be enough to win the day, it's time to power up your game with clockworkgears, lightning coils, and black powder! Guns & Gears, the latest hardcoverrulebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Second Edition), brings theexcitement of firearms and fantasy technology to yourtabletop!

Unravel the secrets of clockworkswith the new inventor class or blow away your opposition as a firearm-wieldinggunslinger! In addition to new classes, a plethora of archetypes, backgrounds,vehicles, siege engines, gadgets, and the new automaton ancestry are all readyto expand your game with options for battlefields large andsmall.

Guns & Gearsfeatures:

Two new classes: the cleverinventor and the sharpshootinggunslinger
Automaton ancestry for players whowant to play a customizable construct
Firearms ofall stripes, from the simple and effective flintlock pistol to versatilegunblades
More than a dozen newarchetypes
Scores of new gadgets andvehicles
Siege engines and accompanyingrules
A gazetteer of Golarion revealing howfirearms and technology fit into the Age of Lost Omens, including a look at thetechnology of the continents of Arcadia and Tian Xia and never-before-revealedsecrets of the rough-and-tumble, gritty city ofAlkenstar
Written by: Michael Sayre, MarkSeifter, and Logan Bonner, Jessica Catalan, John Compton, Andrew D. Geels,Steven Hammond, Sen H.H.S., Brent Holtsberry, Jason Keeley, Dustin Knight, LuisLoza, Ron Lundeen, Chris Mastey, Liane Merciel, Jacob W. Michaels, Dave Nelson,Samantha Phelan, Mikhail Rekun, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sydney Meeker, KendraLeigh Speedling, Andrew Stoeckle, Calliope Lee Taylor, Sara Thompson, AndrewWhite, and Scott D. Young

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